crystalize me

u rly wanna know how i got it like that..? well i got a cute face and my booty so phat

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tbh if your happiness or love hurts other people then you should let it go and stop putting yourself above all else because that’s not real love or happiness



y’all are like “ooh everyone is beautiful” “ooh everyone deserves to feel hot” and then three seconds later you’re making fun of people who cover their acne with makeup and people who haven’t mastered winged eyeliner yet like grow the hell up you don’t get to pick and choose times to be body positive



I still can’t believe I’ve seen Danny DeVito climb naked out of a leather couch









we Palestinized George Mason statue at my university last winter

This is cultural appropriation.
They’re a culture, not a costume.
Don’t do this.

Says the Zionist. You’re an idiot, this was done by Palestinians and Palestinian activists to raise awareness about Palestine. Please learn what appropriation means because last time I checked there were “Israeli kuffiyehs”. Maybe if you’re so concerned about appropriation you should be addressing that. Maybe if you were so concerned about Palestinian culture you’d be against the indiscriminate Israeli slaughter of Palestinians, the constant demolition of Palestinians homes, and the constant seizure of Palestinian land. Don’t think you can go all politically correct when it’s convenient for you, you’re nothing but a hypocritical xenophobic shit. Stay the fuck off my blog.

You sound angry for being told to check your privilege.

What privilege? The privilege of being demonized for most of my life by people like you? I can’t appropriate MY OWN culture lmao. Please learn what appropriation and privilege actually mean.

George Mason is not a Palestinian. Therefore, this is cultural appropriation.

This is a statue, last time I checked statues weren’t sentient beings with the ability to steal culture, but hey, it’s not my fault you can’t differentiate between symbolic resistance and cultural appropriation. Anyway, I’m glad you’re finally admitting Palestinians and Palestinian culture actually exist now. Funny how quick you are to refute your own ideologies when it’s convenient. 

You need to apologize for doing this.
You can’t turn a culture in to a costume like you did here.

oh my god look at this whites rights activist telling palestinians that they’re too priveliged ^^^^^^^^^^

Photo taken during a lightning storm at 2am (It was pitch-black outside and lightning flashed, right as the picture was taken.)

“what are you doing here, honey? you’re not even old enough to know how bad life gets.”“obviously, doctor,” she said, “you’ve never been a thirteen-year-old girl.” -virgin suicides




cool college guy recipe:

  • hot dog on pizza

what you will need:

  • hotdog
  • pizza
  • oven


  1. 1hotdog
  2. preheat oven
  3. hotdog on pizza
  4. pizza in oven
  5. microwave timer set to 20 minutes, smoke a bowl and toss the  pigskin cuz thats what cool college guys do t hese days they are jock/stoner hybrids
  6. 6 ding fries are done hot dog pizza

Do you do weddings

i do whatever the hell i waint